Zoppas Industries launches CONNETTENDO IoT platform at MCE International Expo

Zoppas Industries, an industry-leading supplier of heating element technologies, is announcing the launch of its new IoT platform CONNETTENDO, enabling B2B enterprises to connect, control and generate revenues from IoT service businesses.

CONNETTENDO is an end-to-end solution for a number of vertical industrial and commercial applications.
It provides device connectivity, cloud platform, data intelligence and mobile apps requiring a minimum setup and limited cost to deliver custom advanced features for specific purpose IoT implementations.

The solution is designed to offer manufacturers a modular, secure, scalable and reliable platform to connect to their products and support the personalization of sales and service processes.

CONNETTENDO is the result of a joint development between Zoppas Industries and the technology partner Eurotech to accelerate innovation and digital transformation across industries.

Zoppas Industries will be exhibiting CONNETTENDO IoT solution at MCE 2016 international Expo (That’s Smart area for home & building automation) being held March 15 to 18 in Milan with a special demo for its HVAC customers.

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End Customer

Smart Home experience (comfort, remote control, mobile app control, made of your habits)

Energy Saving (economicity), Enhanced User experience, Saving money, easy integration.

Installer / Wholesaler

Customer base and installed base knowledge

Analytics for marketing opportunity

Installed base monitoring direct and customer interaction knowledge base

Customer Engagement

Real Time monitoring, predictive maintenance and services.


Customer profiling: Analytics for marketing opportunity, Learn from your customer

Supply chain optimization: optimize the refill of your stock

Predictive Service and maintenance: fault predictive analytics repair and fault tracking control on system update

Real time tracking: visibility, security

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